Current Annual Dues Collection Process

As per Golden Eagle Homes Association, Inc.’s (“GEHA”) Bylaws and Covenants and Restrictions, GEHA
determines the amount of the annual assessment (“annual dues”) and sends annual dues invoices to
homeowners in January of each year. The Bylaws and Covenants and Restrictions documents can be
found on the Resident Home Page.

The annual dues for 2024 are $748.65/lot.

Annual dues payments are due on May 1, 2024. As such, a $30 late charge will be added to the
amount owed if the dues are paid after May 1, 2024.  If the dues are unpaid after May 31, 2024, interest at
1.5% per month, will be added to the amount owed.

Payment options are now as follows:

Pay by Check

Make checks payable to GEHA and include your account number on the check. Detach and
include the coupon from your invoice with the check. Checks should be mailed to or dropped-
off at the GEHA Office. The GEHA Office address is: Golden Eagle Homes Association
3044 Golden Eagle Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Pay with Credit Card

You can also pay with credit card at the GEHA Office. Note that there is a $20 processing fee for
credit card payments. Thank you for your payments and support of your association!

Moving Forward

We are currently assessing alternatives for managing the annual dues invoicing and payment process.
One potential option is working with a local bank to manage the entire dues payment process, including
issuing invoices and providing a variety of convenient payment options:

We will provide updates on any changes to the annual dues process well in advance of the 2024 dues

Please contact the GEHA Office (850) 668-6578 if you have any questions!