The SSC is chaired by George Slade. The committee is made up of current/former board members and law enforcement experts. They are responsible for ensuring that our security and safety contractors are performing according to protocols established and agreed to with our contractors. The committee is also responsible for maintenance of our security systems (gates, cameras etc).
The RDC is chaired by Dwight Dempsey. The committee is responsible for maintenance of our road system and contracting for any repairs to the roads and drainage system in the community.
The Finance Committee is chaired by Steve Sheppard, our Treasurer. Each committee Chair is a member of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is responsible for all HOA budgets, execution, and reserves. The Finance Committee produces updates to spending as well as balance sheets on a periodic basis.
The Social Committee is chaired by Jake Whitfield. The SC is responsible for formulating and executing social activities for the community. Events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th celebration and other holiday events are coordinated and promoted by the committee.
The GLB is currently chaired by Mike Tomkiewicz. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the common areas are neat and well kept. The committee works with various contractors on mowing and upkeep of common areas.

The ACC is chaired by Karen Griffin. The ACC’s job is to ensure that community standards for homes are upheld and enforced. If you want to build a home, change the color of your home, put on a new roof, take down trees greater than 14 inches in diameter, put up a fence or build a pool the ACC will review your plans and either approve or ask for necessary changes to comply with neighborhood standards. In the documents section (see link below) you will find the forms that you will need to fill out for any projects you are doing to the outside of your home. The ACC meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesday.

The VFC is chaired by Mark Godfrey. This residents-only committee meets as necessary to consider appropriate actions for owners who violate the covenants and restrictions of the community. When owners are notified of violations, and do not take corrective action in a reasonable time, the committee will call a hearing with the owner to see if a resolution can be reached. If not, and the owner continues to disregard the covenants, fines can be assessed by the committee. In extreme cases, liens can be placed against properties if owners refuse to abide by the covenants and restrictions of the neighborhood.