• Welcome Home To Golden Eagle In Tallahassee, Florida

    Welcome Home To Golden Eagle In Tallahassee, Florida

  • The Premier Place To Live In Florida's Capital City

    The Premier Place To Live In Florida's Capital City

  • Our Community Is At Your Service

    Our Community Is At Your Service

  • Featuring The Golden Eagle Golf And Country Club

    Featuring The Golden Eagle Golf And Country Club

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    With A Neighborhood Like No Other

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Golden Eagle Ramps Up Covenant Enforcement

Golden Eagle’s Recorded Covenants and Restrictions, some of which were written 25 years ago, offer very little in the area of covenant enforcement. A lot has changed in those years. In the early days of Golden Eagle, boats, trailers and RV’s weren’t quite as common as they are now. Back then, most families typically had 2 cars so parking issues weren’t a big concern. Today it’s common for a property owner to have a boat and a trailer and 3 or 4 vehicles. Families have changed over the years but our governing rules have not.

In Golden Eagle, we rely on voluntary compliance. Fortunately, most property owners want to abide by our covenants. They want to do the right thing because they want to be good neighbors and they want Golden Eagle to continue to be one of the most desirable places to live in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, there are some who believe the rules of the community are for “everyone else” to follow.

One boat in a driveway doesn’t seem like a big deal but when a property owner sees a boat stored in a neighbor’s driveway they wonder why they can’t store their trailer in a similar location. And another thinks, what is the harm in parking a car on the lawn? Before long, there are multiple boats, trailers and other vehicles stored improperly and the appearance of the roadway has drastically changed. The same goes for landscaping; it only takes one neglected yard to ruin the look of an entire street.

Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes gives the Board of Directors the authority to implement fines for covenant enforcement. Effective November 1, 2013 fines will be imposed for common covenant infractions such as improperly parked vehicles, failure to maintain yards and the exterior of homes, and ACC violations.

A First Notice will be sent to offending property owner allowing them 14 days (or other time frame) to correct the infraction. If the violation is resolved no other action will be taken.

After the time allotted for correction has passed and the violation still exists, a Second Notice will be sent to the property owner. The Second Notice will again detail the infraction and will also notify the property owner of his right to be heard before the committee regarding the violation prior to the application of any fines.

Fines for a First Violation will be $50 per day, up to $1,000.

Fines for a Second Violation will be $100 per day, up to $1,000.

No one likes to implement, collect, or for that matter, pay fines so we urge you to be respectful of the governing documents. The Association is always agreeable to the need for temporary situations. Just call our office at 668-6578 to let us know.

Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee now meets twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the East Gate building. Property owners are invited to attend these meetings.

The ACC was established to maintain the beauty of Golden Eagle on behalf of all property owners. The ACC works to ensure consistency among homes and protect the property values of the Golden Eagle community. We thank you in advance for cooperating with these important processes.

Click here for the ACC Request Form.

Golden Eagle Pedestrians Make Safety a Priority

Spring is here and many more walkers, runners, and cyclists are out and about on Golden Eagle roads. With our established landscaping, changes in elevation and winding roads, blind spots and areas of limited visibility are common. These can be very dangerous in areas where vehicles share the road with pedestrians. We’ve listed a few tips to help keep Golden Eagle pedestrians safe. 

  • If you’re a walker, stay as close to the curb as possible. This allows cars to more easily navigate around you.
  • It’s usually safer to face traffic rather than walking with your back toward  oncoming cars.
  • Try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. Never assume they see you or know where you are heading.
  • At night, wear light colored clothing and carry a flashlight.
  • Drivers should obey all stop signs and the 25 mph speed limit.
  • Be observant and always be on the lookout for pedestrians, especially young  children who may not be paying attention.

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